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Bill Parcells On Brian Gaine: “I Think He’ll Do Real Well”

A Hall of Fame coach has endorsed the Texans’ new general manager. Read on to see exactly what Parcells said.

25th Anniversary Celebration Of The 1986 New York Giants
The Big Tuna is a fan of the Texans’ new GM.
Photo by Bobby Bank/WireImage

One of the talking points supporters of the Brian Gaine hire have repeated is that Gaine has worked for several different organizations and thus been exposed to several different ways of doing business in the NFL. Two of those organizations that employed Gaine were the Dallas Cowboys and Miami Dolphins, and both times the man who brought Gaine to town was Hall of Famer Bill Parcells.

As you might expect from someone who hired Gaine twice, Parcells is a fan of the Texans’ new general manager. John McClain got Parcells on the record about Brian Gaine, and the notoriously gruff former coach of the Giants, Patriots, Jets, and Cowboys had this to say:

“Brian’s a smart guy who’s paid his dues,” Parcells said this week from his home in Florida. “He’s got a lot of experience, and I think he’ll do real well.

”He’s got the background that should allow him to make the kind of decisions that’ll need to be made.”

As someone who’s been on the sideline and in the front office, Parcells’ perspective on the necessity of alignment between both units is also worth noting:

“The head coach has to have someone he can talk to,” Parcells said. “They’ve got to be able to vent to one another, to question one another and to use each other as a sounding board.”


”You have to have a philosophy on personnel that’s in concert with the offensive and defensive systems you’re employing,” Parcells said. “That philosophy on personnel has to be coordinated, understood and implemented by the GM, the scouting department and the coaching staff.”


”You need to know exactly what you’re looking for,” Parcells said. “There may be players that are good players, but they don’t fit with what you do. You have to be able to identify, ‘They’re good, but they’re not for us.’ There are others that may not fit other systems, but they’ll fit yours. You have to decide who you’re going to pick, how you’re going to develop them and how you’re going to pay them if you have a second contract with them.”

Does Parcells’ endorsement affect your outlook on the Gaine-O’Brien partnership at all?