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Watch: Brian Gaine’s Introductory Press Conference

We take a look at what the Texans’ new GM had to say during his opening press conference.

Miami Dolphins 2008 Headshots
Maybe we’ll get a new picture of Brian Gaine now.
Photo by Getty Images

The Texans introduced their shiny, new (okay, slightly new) GM Brian Gaine to the media corps today in what was a thirty minute foray into Gaine’s team-building philosophy, including how he will approach the upcoming 2018 NFL Draft and free agent process for the Texans.

The entire press conference can be watched in it’s entirity here. However, for those of you who haven’t got that kind of time, let’s do a quick recap of the main points from the press conference.

On The Current State Of The Team:

On The Relationship Between Him And Bill O’Brien:

On Special Teams:

On Deshaun Watson:

Well, at least he knows which way is up.

So philosophies will be aligned and special teams will be evaluated, all while Deshaun Watson gets treated like the golden goose he is.

What do you make of Gaine’s opening press conference? Do you believe that the Texans are about to make some serious GAINS (no, I’m not sorry for that) with a new GM at the helm? Let us know in the comments below.

UPDATE: Here’s the full transcript of Gaine’s press conference.