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Bill O’Brien Mic’d Up At The Senior Bowl

Hear Bill O’Brien say some things at a relatively different volume and without as much cursing as normal.

NFL: San Francisco 49ers at Houston Texans Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Usually when we see Bill O’Brien coaching from the sideline, he is huffing, puffing, and trying to blow down a brick house. The plastic on his play sheet is crinkled. He’s slapping his thighs. Feet are stomped. It’s all very angry, and it makes it seem like coaching football is not an enjoyable thing to do.

As you know, Bill O’Brien (and his Texans’ staff) is coaching the South team at the Senior Bowl. All these college prospects are gathered together to play against each other in front of scouts and head coaches to plead their case for this year’s NFL Draft. In a different coaching situation, one involving development, discussion, and scouting, O’Brien is a more cordial version of himself. He’s teaching. He’s helping a bunch of kids about to be tossed into the real world. There’s no Rick Ross. O’Brien doesn’t even curse.

Hammer play on the video below to listen to O’Brien coach up some kids down in Mobile, Alabama.