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Catching Up With The Houston Texans After The Senior Bowl

Here’s what happened with your Houston Texans this weekend.

Houston Texans v Indianapolis Colts Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images

In Saturday morning’s Senior Bowl, the team the Houston Texans’ staff coached beat the team the Denver Broncos coached 45-16. There were reports that came out that the Texans practice was quick, organized, and purposeful, while the north side fumbled around throughout the week.

Congratulations to the Texans’ coaching staff for winning and having well organized practices.

During the Senior Bowl, Bill O’Brien also sat down with John Harris for a few minutes to discuss why the Texans were there and the changes to his coaching staff. Smash that play button to listen.

Aaron Wilson also reported on how excited the players are to have Romeo Crennel back coaching the defense. I’m excited too. We all are. It’s bittersweet, though. As a Texans fan, I’m glad Mike Vrabel is gone, but as a Titans fan, I’m still very confused about this hire.

Enjoy your Monday, everyone.