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AFC South Coaching News: Tennessee Titans Hire Offensive, Defensive Coordinators

These are good hires.

Baltimore Ravens v Cleveland Browns

Last season, the Ravens finished third in defensive DVOA after finishing sixth the year before. They had one of the best pass defenses in football and had their usual monster defense filled with mid-round draft picks. Don’t tell Ravens fans they missed the playoffs because Joe Flacco is the least valuable player in football, though.

After the season came to an end, their defensive coordinator, Dean Pees (LOL), had enough. He decided to hang up his headset. Yet he would look upon it every day, blue in the heart. Unable to believe his career was over, that those sweaty summers were gone forever. He lasted four weeks in retirement.

Because Mike Vrabel came a callin’. Yesterday, the Titans named Pees their defensive coordinator.

Actually, one of that is true. Pees came out of retirement to get his son a NFL coaching job. His son, Matt Pees (LOL), will go from being a high school head coach to coaching a NFL defense. You gotta love nepotism.

Mike Vrabel also added an offensive coordinator to his staff. He hired the Los Angeles Rams’ offensive coordinator, Matt LaFleur. Now, LaFleur is a hot name. But who knows if he is a good coach at all. He didn’t actually call play for the Rams; Sean McVay did. McVay was the reason why the Rams’ offense was great, not LaFleur. He was just attached to the ride. This whole thing reminds me of why I was dubious Vrabel would be a good coordinator as well.

Whatever. Vrabel has his offensive and defensive coaches in place heading into February. The AFC South is going to be fun as hell this year.