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What’s The Best Super Bowl Food?

Get in here and air your opinion.

Watching The Super Bowl

Our final Super Bowl related sponsored post deals with the most vital of Super Bowl matters. One that even a fan of the Houston Texans or another team that hasn’t been fortunate enough to participate, much less win, a Lombardi Trophy can chime in on without hesitation.


In your learned opinion, what’s the single best food item you’ve enjoyed (or continue to enjoy year after year) at a Super Bowl party?

Whiskey, right? Gotta be whiskey. Ah, sweet whiskey. You’re the bee’s knees.

What’s that?

Well, it’s a food to me.

Fine. Whatever. I’ll play your little game.

Excluding booze (on the technicality that it’s a liquid, according to some egghead scientist somewhere), what’s your favorite Super Bowl food? Bonus points if you have a recipe for said food to share.