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Countdown to Kickoff: Texans vs. Bills

The resurgent Buffalo Bills are stampeding down to Houston to take on the Texans in a matchup that should test both teams’ mettle.

Houston Texans v Buffalo Bills
This looks nice. Let’s do some of this today.
Photo by Tom Szczerbowski/Getty Images

The Buffalo Bills and Houston Texans have identical 2-3 records. At this point, the Bills are looking up to the Patriots and Dolphins in the AFC East for a spot in the playoffs; the Texans are looking up to the Titans and Jaguars for control of the AFC South. Currently both teams are on the outside looking in, and this game can heavily impact whether the wheels come off completely or they manage to right the ship.

Both teams are led by young quarterbacks. Josh Allen is a rookie, and Deshaun Watson’s rookie season was cut short by an ACL injury. While the Texans have a fairly good handle of DW4’s strengths, the Bills are still learning what Allen needs to be successful.

Talk Bills versus Texans here before the first quarter thread publishes at 11:45 a.m. CDT.