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Should The Texans Keep Bill O’Brien As Head Coach If He Hires An Offensive Coordinator?

I got a question for you.

Houston Texans v New England Patriots Photo by Maddie Meyer/Getty Images

I have a question for you. Well, I guess two questions. The first I probably already know the answer to. The answer is “No.”

Do you think the Texans should keep Bill O’Brien as head coach of the Houston Texans? Despite the Texans turning 0-3 into 3-3 and getting right back into the AFC South race, you are probably like me and dissatisfied with the team’s performance even if O’Brien is able to once again masquerade behind the team’s win-loss record.


Should Houston Fire Bill O’Brien?

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  • 28%
    (523 votes)
  • 71%
    (1298 votes)
1821 votes total Vote Now

My second question for you: Should the Texans keep Bill O’Brien if he hires an offensive coordinator? This time, I don’t want to provide any input on my end. I want to keep your brain young, fresh, and unbiased.


Should Houston Retain Bill O’Brien If He Hires An Offensive Coordinator?

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  • 82%
    (1469 votes)
  • 17%
    (313 votes)
1782 votes total Vote Now

Regardless of your answer, is there an offensive coordinator you would want O’Brien to hire, or is there already a potential head coach you have your eye on? Please respond in the comments below.