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BRB Group Think: Head Coach Crushes

The masthead joins together to talk about their head coach desires IF Bill O’Brien is ever fired by the Texans.

Clemson v Texas A&M Photo by Bob Levey/Getty Images

When the Texans were 0-3, there was a speckle of hope that Bill O’Brien would be fired. Another loss, with this team, with this amount of talent, would kill all playoff hopes, something that would be inexcusable for the top-line talent and relative health the Texans have had at several positions.

Then Bill O’Brien started running the super cool offense. You know, the one we saw when Deshaun Watson was under center last year before he got hurt. Romeo Crennel started to generate a pass rush by doing the things that worked back in 2016. Opposing head coaches made some baffling decisions, Nathan Peterman came in, and Houston ended up beating two bad teams by one possession and a mediocre squad by one possession. At 3-3, O’Brien is once again able to hide behind his win-loss record.

As of now, with how the division is shaping up, along with Houston’s record, I don’t see any way O’Brien ends up getting fired midseason or even at the end of this year. Yet boys and girls can dream. The future, where the impossible can actually occur, is sometimes more interesting that what’s occurring right here and right now. So if O’Brien was fired, here’s who we want to take his place.

Uprooted Texan:

I’d drive a physical dump truck full of money to Dabo Swinney’s driveway, dump it out so he can swim around in it like Uncle Scrooge from “Duck Tales,” and I would not leave without a signed contract.



I’ve been pulling for Matt LaFleur for a while now (Rivers and I have been gunning for Kyle Shanahan since forevers), but I’d want to understand what’s going on with the BE-SFs’ offense first.

Otherwise, when I watch Andy Reid, Sean McVay, Matt Nagy, and just about every other offensive coordinator/head coach scheme for their team, I daydream about getting a coach who will join us in 2018.

Oh, look, Alfred Blue up the middle for a loss. I DID NOT SEE THAT COMING.

Also, too, what UT said. And what Mike said after that.

Capt Ron:

I wanted Kyle Shanahan as well. He produced under Gary Kubiak here and really blew the lid off things in Atlanta. McNair clearly should have pursued him instead of O’Brien.

I have no idea who is out there today, but few could do as poor of a job as what we are seeing in Houston right now. Dare I say “Peyton Manning” should be on the list?

Nah, I’d rather reunite Watson, Hopkins and the gang with Dabo.

Mike Bullock:

I’m all about the Dabo life. Not that he’s the greatest coach of all time or anything like that, but he fits what the Texans normally look for—a high character guy, great motivational skills, knows how to get the most from an offense, and knows how to hire great assistants and coordinators. Put him and Romeo Crennel together, along with Jeff Scott or Chad Morris or (insert OC candidate here), and Houston’s current roster is saved from the scrap heap and dreams of super bowl trophies become reality.

Brett Kollmann:

Put me in the Dabo camp. To be honest, we would probably be the only NFL team he even considered anyway, considering the Deshaun and Hopkins connections.

Matt Weston:

I have no opinion on the matter. O’Brien isn’t going anywhere. He’s the old dog with breath that smells like the dumpster behind an all-you-can-eat seafood buffet that won’t die. I don’t want to dream and raise my hopes, only for them to be tarnished. I can’t afford to waste the precious calories that power my brain on things that don’t exist. I won’t go to “Keep Austin Pets Alive” and fall in cyber puppy love.

Additionally, it’s still too early in the year. The new head coaches are just coordinators on playoff teams or the occasional college coach who wants a new challenge. Right now, Bill Lazor in Cincinnati is the only man I can admit who really interests me, but even then, it isn’t something that’s possible or something I gave much thought too. I just like that he’s manufactured Andy Dalton into a top ten quarterback again. Football is more fun when the Red Rocket is throwing ropes.