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What’s The Most You’d Trade For Patrick Peterson?

The Texans need a cornerback. There’s a very good one available.

Seattle Seahawks v Arizona Cardinals Photo by Ralph Freso/Getty Images

The Texans have turned 0-3 into 4-3. One of the main reasons why is that Houston’s defense is back to being one the NFL’s best. They’ve allowed 36 points their last three games, which comes out to 12 points a game. Against run heavy teams, they’re damn near impossible to score on. You know the names. Not even Ezekiel Elliott could get going against the Texans.

Yet those were three teams who have bottom of the barrel passing offenses. The best receiver the Texans faced in those games was, what, Michael Gallup? Dede Westbrook?, Zay Jones? The same secondary that allowed an 80% completion percentage to Eli Manning, that saw T.Y. Hilton abuse them and Andrew Luck put 34 up on them is still there. They’ve just been hidden by terrible opposing wide receivers and offenses that have to run the ball to get moving.

Houston is now a playoff team at 4-3. They should remain one, especially when considering their schedule. Their remaining opponents are great match-ups for Houston’s defense, aside from the Eagles and the Colts, the latter of whom’s entire defense is injured. The problems will arise again in the playoffs if the Texans play Kansas City, or Los Angeles (C), or New England again, or Pittsburgh. Pass-heavy spread offenses can take advantage of Houston’s lack of cornerback talent. For Houston to do something more than beat the Bengals at home in the NFL Playoffs, improving their secondary is vital.

Patrick Peterson rumors have squawked around the internet. The Cardinals have won a single game. Their season has been ruined by Mike McCoy (now fired) and a terrible offensive line. They still have a top ten defense, and Peterson has been integral to it. According to Football Outsiders’ Premium Charting Data, Peterson is 7th in yards allowed per pass, 1st in success rate, 41st in average air target, 9th in yards allowed after the catch, and he has two interceptions. He’s been spectacular. He’s still only 28 years old. And he’s under contract through 2020, with his cap hit being around $12 million and $13 million in the next two years. That’s less than Trumaine Johnson received on the open market this year.

I’m pro-Peterson trade. It will help Houston be something more than an inevitable second round knockout if they make the postseason. Peterson could play for two and a half more years on this team, all while being at the middle age of his career. The Texans probably won’t be able to find anyone as good as him on the open market, and if they do, it will cost more that what Peterson will make in 2019 and 2020.

I think most Texans fans sgree with this assessment. From what I’ve seen, most want Peterson to move from the southwest United States to the southeast of Texas. The question now is what’s the most you would be willing to give up for him.


What’s The Most You’d Trade For Patrick Peterson?

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    One Second Round Pick.
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    Two Second Round Picks.
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    One First Round Pick.
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    A First Round And Second Round Pick.
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