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Three And Out: Sunday Night Football Predictions

The BRB staff assembles to predict Sunday Night’s nationall televised game between the Dallas Cowboys and the Houston Texans.

Houston Texans v Indianapolis Colts Photo by Bobby Ellis/Getty Images

Both the Houston Texans (1-3) and Dallas Cowboys (2-2) need a win to keep pace in their respective divisions, setting up perhaps the most hotly anticipated game of the year for Texans fans. What better stage for enthusiastic Houston fans to blast their Dallas hatred than Sunday Night Football!?

Let’s see how the BRB staff sees this one playing out...

Diehard Chris: Texans 30, Cowboys 24.

Despite all the bad feelings that came along with the win in Indianapolis, I have to think in my fan heart of hearts that the Texans will start to turn this thing around. Maybe if the Cowboys had a more fearsome passing attack, I’d feel differently, because Houston’s secondary gives me a deep, possibly irreversible sadness.

Do the Cowboys actually NEED a fearsome passing attack to get theirs against the Texans secondary? Um... DON’T TALK YOURSELF OUT OF THIS, CHRIS! I, uh, you said who now? DeMarcus Lawrence is gonna be working against our tackles? Deshaun has already been hit HOW MANY times??

Guys, I gotta go. I need to get my game-prep on at Spec’s.

Mike Bullock: Cowboys 27, Texans 23.

The Dallas offensive line slows down Houston’s pass rush just enough for Dak Prescott to look like Blaine Gabbert in Week Two. Then the Cowboys’ sixth ranked defense befuddles Bill O’Brien’s play calling and defeats the Texans’ offensive line.

Conventional wisdom might expect this to be a low scoring game, but the level of incompetence in both organizations defies all convention, leading to a field goal heavy borefest.

BFmf’nD: Cowboys 27, Texans 23.

For the record, I guessed Cokeboys 27, Texans 23 on BRR last night, so MIKE STOLE THE SCORE FROM ME, ALL CAPS!!!

But, really, that’s three field goals for the Texans, and we again lose a one score game by trading field goals for touchdowns.

Titan Matt Weston, Slanderer of Blade Runner and a Huge Fan of the Texans Rangers: Texans 23, Cowboys 20.

I already hate this pick because it’s partly based on Houston running that super cool offense. The one with motions, play action passes, and downfield throws. The one that utilizes Deshaun Watson as a runner. You know, the good one that actually scores points.

However, Houston is always an interception away or a dog dicked brain dead decision to go from the super cool offense to the super bad one. You know, the one filled with inside runs, the one that doesn’t scheme receivers open, the one that doesn’t run play action or move the pocket, and the one that glues Watson to the pocket behind an awful offensive line.

This pick is also based on some simple math. The Texans’ run defense is very good. The Cowboys’ run offense is very good. I just like Houston’s run defense more than Dallas’, pass defense. If things were the other way around, I’d go with the BOYZ. Instead, I got Houston.

Capt. Ron: Houston 24, Dallas 9

I will admit that Ezekiel Elliott as a receiver is terrifying, especially against this Houston secondary. I am also VERY concerned about the wreckage that could be left in the wake of Demarcus Lawrence. However, I think the Texans continue to clean up mistakes and handle business at home.

With J.J. Watt and Jadeveon Clowney busting loose last week, I suspect Dallas will scheme to limit them, which should allow R.A.C. to unleash Whitney Mercilus and The Honey Badger in the pass rush to devastating effect, holding the Cowboys to three field goals on the day.

Kenneth L.: Cowboys 20, Texans 17

It’ll be a close game that neither team deserves to win. Dallas has a better roster and is a more consistent team. The Texans will hit Dallas with big plays, but I do see the Cowboys handing it to us in the fourth quarter.

Nothing is better than beating the Cowboys. I just fear that, like this game four years ago, the opposing team will have a ton of fans at the game.

Tim: Texans 31, Cowboys 20.

Before last week’s game, I predicted your Houston Texans would be 3-3 after next week. I am nothing if not lazy a despicable Kool-Aid drinker a sucker consistent.

The Cowboys are finished. So run, curs. You tell ‘em Deshaun Watson’s coming. And DeAndre Hopkins is coming with him.

A bit of a mixed bag this week. We’ve all got some emotional scarring from watching Houston’s secondary. If you’re like me, I cringe every time Deshaun Watson drops back, runs, or basically anytime when he’s not just handing the ball off.

How do you see the game going Sunday night? Are you gonna be nice and lathered up by game time? Did you sell your game tickets to a Cowboys fan? Do you have your Cris Collinsworth Real Doll ready to go?

Hit us up with your predictions in the comments section below, and enjoy your football weekend!