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Former Texan D.J. Swearinger Is Not A Fan Of Bill O’Brien

The Washington safety has thrown shade at the Houston Texans coaching staff.

NFL: Washington Redskins at Tampa Bay Buccaneers Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

D.J. Swearinger was one of the last additions to the Houston Texans roster by the previous coaching regime. After one season under the current coaching staff, Swearinger found himself no longer playing at NRG Stadium on Sundays. Why that happened is not entirely clear, but it wasn’t exactly a sudden move.

After starting 32 games, making 105 total tackles, picking up one sack and tallying three interceptions for the Texans, Swearinger apparently wore out his welcome. As more time passed, reports that the team cut ties with Swearinger due to his unwillingness to play special teams surfaced.

This weekend, when the Texans face off against the Washington Redskins, Swearinger will find himself on the opposite sideline from Texans’ head coach Bill O’Brien, the man who ended Swearinger’s tenure in Houston. Swearinger took the opportunity to go to Instagram to let people know how he really felt about his former coach(es):


#Houston I Appreciate Coach Gary Kubiak, Coach Wade Phillips, Coach Vance Joseph for Giving Me A Chance Of A Lifetime & Letting Me Be “Myself” My Rookie Year. When They Left My 2nd Year, the New Coaching Staff Would Always Worry About What I Was Doing Or Saying To Other Players Well, the Young Swagg Had A Hard Time Adjusting To The New System Nor Did I Want To Play Linebacker Every Play, and I Also Was Late A Few Times Too Many...All Apart Of Growing Up & Learning To Be A Pro. There Was A MisUnderstanding With My Db Coach That Lead To Unprofessional Actions By My Head Coach (o’brien) That I Could No Longer Respect! Which Lead To Me Being Cut. That Same Coach Told Me I Would Be Outta The League In 3Years. Unfortunately, My God & Grind Had A Plan And Knew That 6years Later....I Would Make Him Eat His Words! #LiveIn5 #2spoonzswagggu

With the additions of Andre Hal, Justin Reid, and the Honey Badger Tyrann Mathieu, there’s many Texans fans who lament the loss of Swearinger. But it seems he has plans to make the Battle Red faithful remember his name this weekend.

Alhough he was a second round pick, it’s hard to fault the Texans for cutting Swearinger.

What do you think? Will Swearinger leave a mark on his former team for “bash[ing] his name” or will Sunday put him next to [NAME REDACTED] on the list of former Texans who wished they hadn’t faced their old squad?