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Houston Texans Podcast: Week Eleven NFL Preview

Week Eleven is here. Pod is here. Cabs are here. We preview Chiefs-Rams, Cowboys-Falcons, Vikings-Bears, and Chiefs-Ravens.

Arizona Cardinals v Kansas City Chiefs Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images

This isn’t a review show like Tuesday night’s edition. It’s a preview show. Matt Weston and his mortal enemy Taylor preview Week Eleven in the NFL. Matt, or I, I don’t know whether to type this in first or third person, looks into his/my crystal ball to give a Texans-Redskins summary from the future. Then they/we discuss the offensive game of the century, Cowboys being back once again until they lose this week, Vikings v. Bears; two teams that ain’t make no gosh darn sense to me, and the Big Kahuna between Bengals and Ravens.

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