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2018 College Football Live: Week Twelve

Catch some college football with BRB.

Florida State v Notre Dame Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images

Everyone who says anything or watches any football has deemed it a foregone conclusion that Alabama will win another National Championship. Someone explains to me why this happens. It doesn’t seem like the state would be a recruiting guzzler spurting five star recruits up and into the sky. Why in the world does anyone want to go there to begin with? Is Nick Saban that much of a better head coach than the rest of the mewbs out there? I don’t know. Is he paying players and nobody knows it yet? Going to Bama compared to, let’s say, Georgia can’t make that much of a difference in a potential professional football career. Someone needs to write about this for me and let me have it.

If you’re watching today’s games, hang around here at BRB to take them all in. Just remember the standard commenting rules apply. Here are today’s games: