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Sunday Night Football Live: Vikings v. Bears

A battle for the NFC North.

Detroit Lions v Minnesota Vikings Photo by Hannah Foslien/Getty Images

These are the two most confusing teams in football. The Vikings went from surviving on Kirk Cousins throwing the ball a ton, to now having a top ten defense once again and can actually run the ball again. Yet, their pass defense can’t be entirely trusted, and neither can Cousins. BEAT SOMEONE. WIN A PLAYOFF GAME. THEN COME TALK TO ME.

The Bears haven’t beaten a good team yet this year. They’ve beat a bunch of bad teams by a ton of points. As the old saying goes, as the heart pounds, great teams beat bad teams by a lot of points and also beat good teams. The Bears haven’t done this yet. I can’t wait to see Mitchell Trubisky’s box score after this game.

Here’s your thread for the game tonight. Follow along here at BRB as the NFC North becomes a little more settled.