Deja Vu All Over Again - The Texans "Streak" Stretches to 7 Wins in a Row

Let's see..... Where have we seen this before, Texan fans?

  • The Texans win a 2 point game when the opponent misses a FG on the last play - look no further than the Texans last game a 19-17 win over the Denver Broncos
  • The opposing coach decides to not attempt additional play(s) to get closer for the last gasp FG - again Denver, though the 51 yard attempt in that game seemed like a chip shot next to the 63 yarder this week
  • The Texans allows a backup (Colt McCoy for the brutally injured Alex Smith) who most of us were unsure was still in the league to make a game of it - harken back to the Buffalo game where Nathan Peterman (in for the brutal Josh Allen) rallied the Bills to a 4th quarter lead before ending it with a gift pick-6.
  • The Texans allow a 10 point or more lead to melt away - for the fourth time in the seven game winning streak they allow an opponent down by 10 or more points to tie the game or to take a lead.
How long can the Texans keep up this high wire act? Not too long if they have 3 turnovers again in a game. But the fans are left wondering how they should feel about this team and its conservative nature. It is hard to come down too hard on Bill O'Brien this week when he was quickly down in the first half to only 5 active offensive linemen. Of course it begs the tongue in cheek question....Instead of choosing plays to save the health of Deshaun Watson, should they be choosing plays to save the health of the offensive linemen?

Some thoughts following this latest in a streak of seven improbable wins:
  • Did Demaryius Thomas retire after the first drive in Denver two weeks ago? After catching three big balls in the first drive of that game, he has the same amount of catches as I do through 90% of that game and the whole day against Washington.
  • Can good Deshaun (0 turnovers in his last 3 games) replace bad Deshaun (2 turnovers and a few close calls including a fumble the Texans recovered against Washington)?
  • Could the Texans ask for anything more from 3rd rounder Justin Reid? His 101 yd interception return was really the difference in the game.
  • How can Ka'imi look like a cold blooded killer in drilling the 4th quarter 54 yard FG to take back the lead and also kick two brutally bad meatballs in missing a 44 yarder and a 45 yarder?
  • New returner DeAndre Carter gives hope that he might break something, which is a hope the team has not had in a long time
  • The eyeball test did not tell me that Whitney Mercilus had a sack and a tackle for loss on the day, while it felt like JJ and Jadeveon had more than 1 sack a piece.
  • Lamar Miller averaged 4.3 yd / carry, while Alfred Blue averaged 5.6 yd/ carry. However on eight of their 31 carries (more than 25%) they went for 1 yard or less.
  • It was sure nice to see Keke Coutee (5 catches for 77 yds) back in the mix.
  • And it is always great to see DeAndre Hopkins (5 for 56 yds and a TD on a high and wide fastball from Watson). Weird factoid for the day - Hopkins was charged with a lost fumble on a ball he never even came close to pulling in....
  • It would be nice to see more use of the Jordan twins (Akins and Thomas) who caught all three balls targeted for them for 53 total yards.
Anyways, can't wait to see what happens next Monday night, but already know it may be a really close game (and closer than it should be) against the team formerly known as the Oilers.