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Houston Texans Roster News: Tyler Ervin Released

The end of an era.

New England Patriots v Houston Texans Photo by Bob Levey/Getty Images

In a surprising move, the Texans have released Tyler Ervin.

This season, Ervin had been the team’s primary returner on a resurgent—I guess, I mean “newfound” since the Texans have never had a competent special teams—special teams unit. He had returned every kick for Houston, picking up 174 yards on 21 punt returns for 8.3 yards a return. He picked up 253 yards on 10 kick returns for 25.3 yards a return. Alfred Blue returned the one kick Ervin didn’t return.

The Ervin era will be fondly remembered for an error. The helmet return catches where the ball would bonk of his face and into the arms of cheerleaders. Those days are now gone.

The Texans claimed Eagles wide receiver DeAndre Carter to take Ervin’s spot. Carter too has returned kicks, but hasn’t been as good as Ervin at it. The difference is that Carter can play wide receiver; the Texans don’t have many of those, and they never really used Ervin as a runner his entire time here—something he was really good at in college.

So, hey, good luck Mr. Ervin. Hopefully your career continues with the Eagles. Say hi to Brandon Brooks for me. I miss that big guy.