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Countdown To Kickoff: Browns v. Texans

Texans. Browns. This one kind of sort of means something. Here’s where to hang out before the foot hits the ball.

Cleveland Browns v Houston Texan Photo by Bob Levey/Getty Images

In four hours, the Texans will try to win their ninth game in a row. During this run, they’ve played teams that have to run the ball to win, teams that have had to try to run the ball against the best run defense in football. Folks, this didn’t work. Running backs broke their teeth running into an iron skillet. Aside from Indianapolis, which lost T.Y. Hilton in the first quarter and were still sorting things out, the Texans have yet to play a competent passing offense during their eight game win streak.

Today’s game against the Browns is in between. It’s not all one way or the other. The Browns are ninth in rushing attempts with 311 on the year. They are eighth in rushing attempts since Hue Jackson was fired with 88. BUT, the Browns actually throw the ball down the field. Since Jackson’s firing, Baker Mayfield has thrown the ball downfield 22 times, completing 10 of them for 223 yards and one touchdown. Yet the Browns are just 25th in weighted offense DVOA. The Browns are in between things, unlike the Texans’ previous wins. At a minimum, this one should be more interesting than the usual match-ups.

With that, the floor is yours. Talk Texans, Browns, or anything else as we wait for the first quarter thread to post at 11:45 a.m. CST.