Texans Take That Lunch Pail to Work and Clinch the Division

This was one of those "Dad's heading down to the refinery for a 12 hour shift" grind outs of a game. It was not pretty and two early referee review overturns gave the Jags the only scoring they got for the game and demoted a Watson TD run to a tying FG by Ka'imi Fairbairn.

Side note - How can it be that when incontrovertible evidence is needed to overturn a call that these two reviews still happen? I can't say for sure after seeing it from 10 angles that the Jags defender did or did not touch the punt before DeAndre Carter and I don't know how the refs can. And as far as the Watson TD....I have no words. What were they looking at?

The Texans finally ground out a 17-3 half time lead and then while shutting down the Jags offense they shut their own offense down, putting up a single FG in the second half, clinching the division and a third game with the Colts in a 20-3 win over Jacksonville.

Takeaways from the game:

  • Deshaun Watson (again) accounted for the brunt of the Texans offense throwing for 234 yards and running for another 66 yards and a TD. This did end a 20 consecutive game franchise record streak of TD passes by Mr. Watson.
  • Lamar Miller did return and threw in some decent runs including a strong TD run in the first half before his runs per carry average was dragged down when everyone knew he was running later.
  • The Texans game plan incorporated a LOT more running on Watson's part as he carried 13 times and most of these were planned runs, not scrambles. They also had him rolling out some, which was good since the Jags found him easily when he stayed in the pocket with 6 sacks.
  • DeAndre Hopkins was insanely good as he caught 12 passes for 147 yards with Jalen Ramsey in his hip pocket much of the day. This was a combination of pin point passes by Deshaun and great route running and hands by Hop.
  • The defense, led by J.J. Watt was tough all day. Watt had 1.5 sacks and forced his league leading 7th fumble on the season.
  • The D forced 2 turnovers (against the Texans one on the weird punt fumble) and held the Jags to 3 of 13 on 3rd down.
  • The D stoned the Jags running attack holding them to only 30 yards on 16 carries. This forced Blake Bortles to win the game....that was not going to happen.
  • Bortles was not very accurate (15 of 28) and most of his passes were either dinks or dunks. He looked like a bad backup QB rather than someone who had been to the AFC Championship game in 2017.
  • Side Question - What are the chances of having a game where the kickers are named Kai and Ka'imi?
  • The Texans dominated the game with 23 first downs to the Jags pathetic 6. They only had two penalties and the one questionable turnover.
  • The Texans without doing any thing additional could have won this game 24-0 with a little better officiating. They continued their trend of playing it close to the vest with a lead. This will not work against the Colts.
While everyone is oohing and aahing about the Texans coming back from a 0-3 start to make the playoffs, the Colts came back from the death of a 1-5 start and they finished the season winning 9 of 10 including a 24-21 edging of the Texans at NRG stadium three weeks ago. Except for an inexplicable 6-0 loss to these same Jags, they have been on an offensive roll since losing to the Texans 37-34 back in September. The Texans have to play this one coming up as though every drive means everything. They can't coast to a 20 point game and expect to win. The Colts have scored 23 or more points in 12 of their last 13 games. This will be a dog fight and playing at home may be the difference for the Texans.