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Deshaun Watson Is Happy About Bill O’Brien’s Contract Extension

Reporters report reports.

San Francisco 49ers v Houston Texans Photo by Bob Levey/Getty Images

It’s Super Bowl media week. Among the brouhaha, there were reports and interviews occurring. Alex Smith was traded to Washington. The Rams are playing the Chiefs in Mexico City. Deshaun Watson was schilling Old Spice and commenting on Bill O’Brien.

Watson in fact loves O’Brien. He thinks he has a great head coach and had the following to say to John McClain yesterday.

“It’s good to have OB back. We have a great relationship, and we’re going to continue to grow it. When I was playing, what we were doing was special, and there’s so much we can really improve on. I’m very excited about it and what we can do for this organization. Having those guys (Gaine and O’Brien) in strong positions is going to trickle down to the team.”

Cool. I’m happy Deshaun Watson is happy. Hopefully this doesn’t become one of those DeAndre Hopkins loves catching passes from Tom Savage things, and this season, as well as many to come, works out.