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Who Should The Texans Pursue To Be Their Backup Quarterback?

After years of searching for a starting quarterback, the Texans now find themselves in the market for a backup.

Denver Broncos v Washington Redskins
Not this guy.
Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images

Health permitting (and, knock on wood, it looks like it will), your Houston Texans will enter the 2018 season without any question about who their starting quarterback will be. After Deshaun Watson, however, the Texans are entirely bereft of QBs; Tom Savage and T.J. Yates will both be free agents.

My question to you on this Friday afternoon, gentle reader, is who you think the Texans should pursue for the vacancy at QB2. Should they try to bring Savage or Yates back? Should they direct their efforts toward signing another free agent signal-caller? Should they attempt to acquire a QB in trade? Should they spend a precious draft pick on one?

Most importantly, who should it be? Who do you want to see firmly behind Deshaun Watson on the Texans’ depth chart come September?