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2017 Houston Texans Season Review: What Was The Best Football Writing You Read Last Season?

I didn’t read. I want to read now.

Houston Texans v Indianapolis Colts Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images

During the NFL season, I don’t read much about football. I don’t listen to podcasts. I skip past the in-depth articles. I ignore mostly everything. As someone who writes about this little football team and the rest of the NFL when I have the free time, I don’t want other people’s voices lifting the covers of my brain and whispering little things to me. All of these quick sharp murmurs and mumbles lead to me saying similar things or clouding the conclusions I would have other wise come to. I’ll read Football Outsiders’ DVOA rankings, their weekly quick reads, Peter King’s MMQB on Monday morning, and straight news reporting. But other than that, I stay away. I try to keep the sheets clean with only my thoughts during the NFL season.

Once time spent watching football is exchanged for other things, like laying in the grass and reading mostly, I dive back in and read about the game. I’ll catch back up on some of my favorite writers and crawl deeper into scheme and scouting articles that I can now think more about and savor. I’ll go back and watch Brett’s videos. I’ll read about NCAA football schemes from Chris Brown. I’ll try to learn as much as I can during this period of hibernation.

So loyal reader, I turn to you for help. Sound off in the comments below and give me links to the best pieces you read this year. I need material. All of the books on my shelf have been scoured. Give me the best football writing you read during the 2017 NFL season, whether it dealt with the Texans or not.