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Who Are You Excited To Watch During The 2018 NFL Combine?

Who do you like? Who should the Texans scrutinize?

NFL: Combine Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

The 2018 NFL Combine kind of sort of begins today. The first group of players arrive in town to begin interviews, see how much they weigh, and how long their fingers are. The coaches and general managers pile in and give interviews. The journalists go out, gossip, and get some scoops they tweet that the basement bloggers like us then type up posts about.

I’m lost this time of year. I don’t watch college football. Not only have do I not have any idea who the possible midround picks are who might be available for Houston, but I have never seen Josh Allen throw a football. This year, thanks to compensatory additions, Houston has three third round picks (68, 80, 98), a fourth round pick (103), three sixth round picks (177, 211, 222), and a seventh round pick (214).

As the Combine gets underway, who are you most excited to watch during the underwear festivities? Who are some midround picks we should keep our eyes on who’d be a good fit in Houston? I need your help.