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The Film Room: Why The Eagles’ Run/Pass Option Will Give The Patriots Problems

Backup quarterback or not, Nick Foles and Doug Pederson have this Eagles’ offense firing on all cylinders. Here’s how it all works.

NFL: Philadelphia Eagles at New York Giants Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY Sports

When it comes to game planning for a tough opponent, no other coach in history has been as ruthlessly effective as Bill Belichick. His ability to neutralize the strengths of the enemy and turn them into weaknesses is legendary, but this afternoon, he may just meet his intellectual match in the Eagles’ Doug Pederson.

One of the hallmarks of Pederson’s offense this year has been the run/pass option concept. Opposing teams have struggled to contain it ever since Nick Foles took over the starting quarterback role later in the season. Perhaps no game has shown it’s importance (and versatility) more than the NFC Championship game against the vaunted Vikings defense. On this week’s episode of “The Film Room,” we’ll explore how Pederson’s run/pass option plays function within his overall offensive philosophy, as well as how Belichick will likely try to stop it.