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Super Bowl LIII Odds: The Texans Are Surprisingly Respected

You don’t see this every day with a team that would be picking fourth in the 2018 NFL Draft.

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Vegas has taken note of DW4.
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You wouldn’t normally think a team coming off a 4-12 campaign would be a relatively hot pick for Super Bowl glory the following season. Yet according to three different sportsbooks, your Houston Texans are just that. Now, they aren’t the favorites to win Super Bowl LIII, but it would appear Vegas is fairly high on Houston’s chances to win it all in 2018 despite the struggles of 2017.


New England Patriots +400

Philadelphia Eagles +800

Pittsburgh Steelers +900

Green Bay Packers +1000

Minnesota Vikings +1200

New Orleans Saints +1700

Atlanta Falcons +1800

Los Angeles Rams +1900

Houston Texans +2000

Dallas Cowboys +2100

Jacksonville Jaguars +2200

Carolina Panthers +2300

Seattle Seahawks +2400

San Francisco 49ers +2500

Kansas City Chiefs +2800

Oakland Raiders +3000

Los Angeles Chargers +3300

Denver Broncos +3500

Tampa Bay Buccaneers +3800

Detroit Lions +4100

Indianapolis Colts +4000

Tennessee Titans +4100

Baltimore Ravens +4200

Arizona Cardinals +4300

New York Giants +6000

Washington Redskins +6200

Miami Dolphins +6300

Buffalo Bills +8000

Cincinnati Bengals +8100

Chicago Bears +8200

New York Jets +9000

Cleveland Browns +10000


New England Patriots +500

Philadelphia Eagles +700

Green Bay Packers +800

Pittsburgh Steelers +1000

Minnesota Vikings +1200

Los Angeles Rams +1750

San Francisco 49ers +1800

Houston Texans +1850

New Orleans Saints +1850

Jacksonville Jaguars +2000

Atlanta Falcons +2000

Dallas Cowboys +2000

Oakland Raiders +2100

Carolina Panthers +2500

Seattle Seahawks +2500

Kansas City Chiefs +3000

Los Angeles Chargers +3000

Denver Broncos +3500

Indianapolis Colts +4000

Tampa Bay Buccaneers +4000

Baltimore Ravens +5000

Arizona Cardinals +5000

Tennessee Titans +5000

Detroit Lions +5000

New York Giants +5500

Miami Dolphins +7000

Washington Redskins +7000

New York Jets +10000

Chicago Bears +10000

Cincinnati Bengals +10000

Buffalo Bills +10000

Cleveland Browns +10000

Las Vegas Superbook:

Thus is the power of Deshaun Watson, in gambling form.