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2018 NFL Mock Draft: Luke Easterling’s Seven-Round Mock Draft

Go ahead and skip to the third page. That’s where the first Texans pick is.

Reese's Senior Bowl
He wasn’t on the team O’Brien coached, but presumably the Texans got a look at Crosby in Mobile.
Photo by Jonathan Bachman/Getty Images

As we discussed yesterday, your mania for mock drafts as a Texans fan may be a bit tempered this offseason. Does that mean we’ll stop posting about them? Of course not! It’s February, and we have content to generate for this here website!

Accordingly, feast your eyes upon Luke Easterling’s latest seven-round mock of the 2018 NFL Draft. He predicts the Texans to add the following players:

68. Houston Texans: Tyrell Crosby (OT—Oregon)

80. Houston Texans (from Seattle): Quenton Meeks (CB—Stanford)

99. Houston Texans: Jordan Whitehead (S—Pitt)

163. Houston Texans: RJ McIntosh (DT/DE—Miami)

196. Houston Texans: Ryan Izzo (TE—Florida State)

How do those picks strike you? If the draft fell this way, are there other players you’d rather have seen become Texans at these spots?