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Brian Cushing Disputes Report That Brian Cushing Has A Problem With Bill O’Brien

Come with us down the rabbit hole, won’t you?

Indianapolis Colts v Houston Texans
Pals? Not pals? Does it matter?
Photo by Bob Levey/Getty Images

I must confess that I hadn’t heard of Scott Ferrall before today. Ferrall hosts a daily radio show that airs nationally on CBS Sports Radio, and he’s made some waves in Houston with something he said on his show Tuesday night. From CBS Houston:

“My boy plays for (O’Brien), you know Cush,” Ferrall said. “Let’s just say, I don’t want to put anything on him, let’s just say I’ve had conversations with him that haven’t been very pleasant regarding the head coach down there.”

As a Texans fan, that seems odd to me. In my mind, Bill O’Brien has always been steadfast in his support of Brian Cushing. Not that O’Brien ever says much in the way of publicly criticizing his players, but based on his remarks to the media, I’ve long had the impression that O’Brien thinks highly of Cushing. Of course, we’re not privy to what goes down behind closed doors, so it’s entirely possible things may not be as they appear.

Sports Radio 610 tweeted about what Ferrall said yesterday, and Brian Cushing was quick to deny he ever said such a thing about O’Brien.

In this article, someone at 610 (there’s no byline, so I don’t know who wrote the piece) claims they tried to take Cushing up on his offer to discuss the matter by calling “...a number we believe to be [Cushing’s],” but that “...[they] have yet to hear back from the linebacker.”

For his part, Ferrall went further when he presumably saw Cushing’s denial. Specifically, Ferrall said that 2017 was “a nightmare” for Cushing and that the Jersey native “wants to come home.”

There’s been a significant amount of speculation that Brian Cushing has played his last game in a Texans uniform, and this development, whether based on facts or not, will only fan those flames.

UPDATE: Brian Cushing will reportedly will be released by the Houston Texans.