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2018 NFL Free Agency Tracker: News, Rumors, And More

Tampering is legal now, which means things are about to get hot and heavy in the NFL.

Houston Texans v Indianapolis Colts Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images

NFL teams can now officially tamper. They can enter contract negotiations and come to terms with players. It’s now time to scroll around on Twitter.

For Houston, there isn’t much to look at in the way of pending free agents. Everyone who’s unrestricted isn’t monumentally important to the team. They still have cuts to be made, though. The big theme today, and for the rest of this week, is how is Houston going to spend their cap space to improve this roster immediately. According to Over The Cap, the Texans have $65,723,753.00 available to spend.

In the meantime, please use this space to discuss or pass along any news, rumors, or rank speculation about NFL free agency. As always, take everything with a grain of salt until it’s confirmed by a source with a proven track record. Until then, the floor is open to you.

UPDATE: Something finally happened. Houston is linked to potentially signing free agent offensive lineman Zach Fulton at $7 million a year. I know what Rapoport is saying, but it would more than likely be for him to play right or left guard with the Texans, depending on what happens with Jeff Allen.

UPDATE: The Texans are also interested in every Patriots’ free agent on the market. Nate Solder and Malcolm Butler have been reported as Texans targets. I’m sure they are interested in Dion Lewis as well.

UPDATE: Houston is interested in another defensive back. This time it’s E.J. Gaines from Buffalo.