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2018 NFL Free Agency Tracker (Day Two): News, Rumors, And More As Tampering Continues

Free agency officially begins tomorrow. Negotiations begin long ago, and you can follow all the speculation on BRB.

Kansas City Chiefs v New York Giants
H-Town bound?
Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images

Beginning tomorrow at 3 p.m. CDT, your Houston Texans—and every other NFL team—can begin signing free agents that didn’t play for them last year. But no one’s waiting until tomorrow to negotiate. That process started long ago. Long before the alleged “legal” tampering period that was permitted by the league began yesterday.

Nevertheless, we’ve learned that the Texans are allegedly hot and heavy after Nate Solder, Malcolm Butler, Zach Fulton, and/or E.J. Gaines. Whether one or more of those gentlemen, or a number of players we haven’t heard bandied about as future employees at NRG Park, will choose to accept a chunk of the Texans’ $65+ million in cap space remains to be seen.

Until we get a firm answer to that query, please make use of this space to discuss or pass along any news, rumors, or rank speculation about NFL free agency. As always, take everything you see here or elsewhere with a grain of salt until it’s confirmed by a source—or better yet, multiple sources—with a proven track record.

UPDATE: Much has happened since I went to sleep. Let’s work through the avalanche of free agent chatter from the wee hours.

Alas. It would appear Weston’s “Film Room” episode was not enough to convince Andrew Norwell to come to Houston. But the guy who many believe is the premier offensive lineman on the market is coming to the AFC South.

In news that should interest those who are alumni of the University of Houston, the Broncos aren’t going to wait on Kirk Cousins (or perhaps they were already told they weren’t going to be the team that would win his hand). Instead, John Elway is casting his lot with Case Keenum.

Sammy Watkins ain’t returning to the West Coast. He’s heading to the Midwest to join Patrick Mahomes in Kansas City.

And finally in other wide receiver news, the Jaguars could have hit Allen Robinson with the franchise tag to keep him in Jacksonville, much like the Texans could have done with A.J. Bouye last year. The Jags chose not to do so (like the Texans did a year ago), and now Robinson is about to sign a three-year deal with the Bears.

As you might expect, Jaguars fans have an opinion about their best wide receiver leaving town.

Any reactions to these tidbits?