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2018 NFL Free Agency: Adrian Peterson Wants To Join The Texans

The former NFL MVP wants to return home.

Jacksonville Jaguars v Arizona Cardinals Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

NFL free agency is always a cloak and dagger affair in terms of where a player really wants to go, so when a player comes out and openly declares that he wants to play for a specific team, it seems quite odd. Nevertheless, that’s what former (2012) NFL MVP RB Adrian Peterson has done.

In an interview with TMZ, Peterson admitted that his dream scenario in free agency would be to join the Houston Texans. As Peterson states:

Being back here at home where I work out every day. My family is here. My family is close. My mom is here. Being around her a little more during this time [in my life] would be even more a cherry on top.

Peterson is coming off an interesting season, one where he was traded from New Orleans to Arizona after Mark Ingram and Alvin Kamara began to flourish. Whilst in Arizona, Peterson managed 448 yards on 129 total attempts for a 3.5 yards per carry. Peterson is going to be fighting against the odds in finding any sort of significant contract, onsidering he’s about to turn 33 and he’s got a history of injuries.

Is Peterson what the Texans’ run game needs to really get kickstarted or are the Texans better off staying with Lamar Miller and D’Onta Foreman?