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The Film Room: Minkah Fitzpatrick Is A Player Without A Position

The latest Crimson Tide superstar to enter the NFL might be their most versatile defensive prospect ever.

NFL: Combine Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Minkah Fitzpatrick is an extremely gifted boundary cornerback...who can also play strong safety...and guard the slot...and play in the deep middle...and dominate on special teams. Throughout the course of a single game at Alabama, he usually played all of those roles and more within Nick Saban’s defense.

Now that Fitzpatrick is making his way into the NFL, where the level of competition is exponentially more intense, coaches around the league are wondering what position he will stick with long term.

Will he be a full-time safety? Can he try to stay at corner? Is he more of a hybrid nickel defender? With so many questions surrounding his unique skillset and what his future coaches can come up with to utilize it, Fitzpatrick’s draft range is unsurprisingly all over the place. Some analysts have him as a top five lock, while others think that his tweener status could hurt him in the long run. Nobody knows for sure where he will end up come draft night next month, but what we do know is this: No matter where Fitzpatrick is drafted, he is going to make his future defensive coordinator a very, very happy man.

Check out this week’s episode of “The Film Room“ as we recklessly speculate about Fitzpatrick’s draft destination, as well as break down his best positional fit in the NFL. Enjoy!