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2018 NFL Free Agency News: Tyrann Mathieu To Sign One-Year Deal With Texans


Arizona Cardinals v Houston Texans
Honey Badger is coming to NRG Stadium.
Photo by Tim Warner/Getty Images

WHAT THE WHAT???!!!???

I cannot believe this is happening.

The Cardinals cut Tyrann Mathieu two days ago when he reportedly declined to accept a pay cut. Now the 25 year old LSU product has decided to join your Houston Texans for the 2018 season. There’s a lot to discuss—how much Mathieu will earn in 2018, whether he will look like the legitimate difference-maker he was in 2015, what this does for the Texans’ secondary, how it affects the rest of the Texans’ offseason plans, etc.—and we’ll get around to all that in due time.

For now, however, this counts as an honest-to-goodness free agent splash by Brian Gaine in his first season as the Texans’ general manager. Please react as you see fit below.

UPDATE: It keeps getting better. For where I sit, this is unabashedly a steal for the Texans.

UPDATE II: Mathieu’s signing seems to have resonated with Texans players.

Saving the best for last...J.J. Watt is still the cat’s pajamas.