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Report: Vikings-Eagles Will Open 2018 NFL Regular Season

One of the most important games of the year will likely be the FIRST game of the NFL season.

NFL: NFC Championship-Minnesota Vikings at Philadelphia Eagles Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

The return of Carson Wentz. The rematch between Mike Zimmer and Doug Pederson. Kirk Cousins’ first start for Minnesota.

The story lines and subplots for the 2018 clash in Philadelphia between the Eagles and Vikings are almost too numerous to count at this point. Considering how dominant both teams look on paper so far in the offseason, this one contest will likely also have ramifications deep into the NFC playoffs next January. It’s no wonder that the NFL is reportedly zeroing in on the juiciest of juicy rematches to kick off their primetime slate of games for the 2018 regular season.

We still do not know exactly when the full 2018 NFL schedule will be released - last year’s schedule was not made public until the final week of April - but if this report on the season opener is accurate, we do have some pieces available.

In Week Six, on October 14th, the Seahawks will play the Raiders to kick off the NFL’s 2018 London series. One week later, on October 21st, the Eagles will face the Jaguars, while the Titans play the Chargers across the pond as well. The Rams and Chiefs will also take part in an international game in Mexico City at some point later in the season, though that date is not yet known.

What is known is this, however - if the reports of the Vikings and Eagles meeting to kick off the 2018 regular season are accurate, NFL fans could be in for one of the most highly anticipated season openers in years. Both teams are positioning themselves to put a stranglehold on the NFC this upcoming season, and it’s become more likely by the day that Minnesota and Philadelphia would be each other’s greatest tests.

I suppose there is no better time for an NFC Championship preview than the first damn game of the season, right?