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Texans Reportedly Interested In Signing Allen Hurns

The other member of the A-team has been released and Houston is interested.

Jacksonville Jaguars v Indianapolis Colts Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images

Up against the top of the salary cap, the Jaguars had to make moves. Yesterday, they made two. They cut longtime hero, who comes to life when “NFL 2K5” is spinning, Marcedes Lewis, and their young wide receiver, Allen Hurns. By doing this, the Jaguars created $10 million in space to bring them back under the salary cap.

Also by doing this, they got the majority of the league interested. According to The Advocate, citing an interview with a Charlotte radio station, Allen Hurns has drawn the interest of ten NFL teams so far.

When Hurns spoke to the radio station, the pursuit of his services was still in the early stages.

”Right now, the teams have reached out, it’s probably like 10 teams: the Bears, the Bills, Saints, Texans, Jets, Raiders, Panthers, there’s a couple of other teams,” Hurns told WFNZ. “I should be hearing more soon.”

The Houston Texans are one of these teams interested in Hurns. Hurns was injured for most of last year and saw a drop in performance; regardless, he’s a do-it-all wide receiver. He can be left out on his own down the sideline or be used in rubs, smokes, and meshes in the short part of the field. He’s 100% a player Houston should look at with their cap space. If the Texans did actually sign Hurns, they could move Will Fuller V to the slot, where he can just run split safeties, opening up easier routes and catches underneath for everyone else.

Hurns is supposed to meet with the Cowboys tomorrow since snow ruined his trip to visit the Jets.

We’ll have to wait and see if he can make the trip to Houston when he’s in Texas tomorrow.

UPDATE: Hurns is reportedly signing with a team in Texas. It’s just not the Texans.