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Houston Texans News: Texans Release Chunky Clements, Cobi Hamilton

See ya in the next life, gentlemen.

Houston Texans v Indianapolis Colts Photo by Stacy Revere/Getty Images

The Texans have released more players than they’ve signed this week. In-season roster fill-ins from 2017 Chunky Clements and Cobi Hamilton were released yesterday afternoon.

Clements played 46 snaps last year. He’s known more for his name than what he’s done on the field. How can you not sign a defensive tackle named Chunky? In a crowd of warm bodies, he stands out by name alone.

Cobi Hamilton played 69 total snaps (54 on offense and 15 on special teams) last year. He had one catch on eight targets. Gotta love T.J. Yates ruining your career.

Keep these players close to your heart. Don’t forget them next season if Houston is playing actual meaningful football. To live is to suffer, and watching the Chunkys and Cobis play makes the good times just a little bit better.