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2018 NFL Free Agency News: Houston Texans Sign Brandon Weeden

I see. Well, then.

Houston Texans v Indianapolis Colts
The Colt Killer is back in Houston.
Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images

All offseason long, we’ve wondered who your Houston Texans would tab as QB2 to back Deshaun Watson up. We now appear to have an answer, and it’s a familiar face to Texans fans.

John McClain’s tweet aside, it remains to be seen whether Bill O’Brien truly intends for Brandon Weeden to be the Texans’ primary backup quarterback when Week One of the 2018 regular season rolls around. Additional moves to address the position could still be made, though Weeden’s arrival certainly makes the prospect of signing another veteran signal-caller before the draft less likely.

Should Weeden in fact serve as DW4’s understudy this season, however, know this: Brandon Weeden was the Texans’ QB of record for the franchise’s first victory over the Colts in Indianapolis. He is a Texans legend.

And then there’s this:

Our great state clearly agrees with the Oklahoma State product. Pay no mind to the lack of actual live snaps the last two years, or who else the Texans could have feasibly gone after for their vacant QB2 gig. Just dust off that old deep steel blue No. 5 jersey and bask in the nostalgia.

UPDATE: One rather important person is happy about Weeden’s return to Houston.

UPDATE II: The terms of Weeden’s contract are about what you’d expect.