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The Film Room: Isaiah Oliver Is The Best Cornerback In The 2018 NFL Draft

Isaiah Oliver might not be the first corner drafted next month, but there is a good chance that he will be the best corner drafted.

NCAA Football: Colorado at Oregon State Scott Olmos-USA TODAY Sports

The NFL is a neverending genetic arms race. As receivers get bigger, faster, and stronger every single year, so too must cornerbacks evolve with them. Enter Colorado’s Isaiah Oliver, one of the most uniquely gifted DB prospects to come through the college ranks in quite some time. Blessed with size, speed, and uncommon fluidity for a “big body” corner, Oliver also has one key advantage that sets him apart from everyone else at his position - arm length.

At a staggering 33 12 inches, Oliver’s arms are longer than all but just six cornerback prospects to be measured in the last two decades. That length shows up on film on nearly every single snap, and he routinely dominates receivers at the line of scrimmage before using his tree-trunk-like arms to break up passes.

On this week’s episode of “The Film Room,” we’ll take an in-depth dive into Oliver’s impressive college tape and explain why these unique physical traits should translate to immediate success in the NFL. Enjoy the show!