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2018 Houston Texans Free Agency: Nate Solder To Houston?

Houston may go out and get a left tackle.

NFL: Super Bowl LII-Philadelphia Eagles vs New England Patriots Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

I hate doing this. Most of the time, these little snippets of information are wrong. The week before free agency is a bunch of glasses perched on forehead, voice recorder listening, I went to college to write one-sentence paragraphs “JOURNALISTS” all taking out chains and bats and killing each other to get the scoop. It sucks, and it’s already started.

But it’s quiet on the real news front. Nothing is happening for another week. So let’s entertain ourselves. According to Chad Forbes, Nate Solder is coming to Houston.

I have no idea if this guy is right or who he is. But he has a lot of followers, and that is the only thing matters in this world.

If he’s right, it means the Texans would have a true starting left tackle again. Nate Solder is a good one. He’s a very aggressive pass blocker, which is something you can do when Tom Brady is your quarterback. Solder is mediocre in the run game. He can hold it down, but he isn’t consistently moving the first level. He’s a good left tackle. Neat. From there, the Texans would need to fill in at left guard and right tackle potentially. I would guess they would keep Jeff Allen, and move Julie’n Davenport to right tackle.

I would prefer to keep Davenport at left tackle and have him compete for the starting spot there. I don’t understand this right tackle nonsense. Davenport has the prototypical build for a left tackle. He’s a natural kick slider. His run blocking doesn’t match his pass blocking. Houston would be better off going after the cheaper Cameron Fleming at right tackle and see what they have at left tackle in Davenport.

None of this probably matters. This likely won’t actually happen. Cool. I’m ready for free agency to begin so actual things happen instead of people saying things may happen.