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Should The Texans Try To Trade For Earl Thomas?

Texans fans, with a need at safety and cap room burning a hole in their pocket, discuss.

Houston Texans v Seattle Seahawks
Mama, there goes that man.
Photo by Otto Greule Jr/Getty Images

As Weston mentioned in his post about Brian Cushing visiting Seattle, it’s rumored that the Seahawks may—MAY—be amenable to trading Earl Thomas.

With regard to the tweet above, I don’t know what Seattle would deem a suitably overwhelming offer for their three-time All Pro safety. I do know that the Texans, bereft of a first and second round pick in 2018, are probably not the best possible trade partner for Seattle. It seems rather probable that another team can put together a better offer for Earl Thomas than the Texans can or would.

And yet...

The Texans need help at safety and are relatively flush with cap space.

Thomas, two months shy of his 29th birthday, is under contract for only one more year (2018). For their part, Seattle is short a second-round pick that just so happens to be in Houston’s possession as a result of the Duane Brown trade.

I’m not suggesting the Texans part with a first-round pick for Earl Thomas. Not having a first-rounder two years in a row is too bitter a pill for me to swallow. But what if the Seahawks were willing to accept something less in exchange for Thomas? What if it a 2019 second round pick got it done? What if the price was a 2019 second-rounder and one of the Houston’s three 2018 third-rounders?

What price would you pay in trade for Earl Thomas if you were running the Texans?