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Andre Johnson Talks Bob McNair, Players’ BBQ After 2008 Election On Arian Foster’s Podcast

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Arian Foster had Andre Johnson on his “Now What?” podcast to discuss several Texans-relevant topics.

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Arizona Cardinals v Houston Texans
Andre Johnson addresses the NRG faithful as Bob McNair sits there not saying things.
Photo by Bob Levey/Getty Images

Former Houston Texans great Arian Foster recently welcomed fellow Texans great Andre Johnson on his excellent ”Now What?” podcast to discuss several issues, including the ongoing Bob McNair kerfuffle.

Arian is great at this podcast thing, so you really should listen for yourself, but here are just a handful of the topics covered:

-’Dre asked the Texans to trade him following the 2012 season.

-80 considered not attending his own Ring of Honor ceremony due to his unhappiness with McNair as a result of McNair’s infamous “inmates running the prison” comment.

-After McNair’s ill-fated “discussion” with players following the 2008 presidential election, several Texans players held a cookout in the NRG Stadium parking lot to celebrate. Andre gives some hilarious details about this event, which create an awkward situation that could come straight out of “The Office - Houston Texans” edition.

As a clarification to that last moment, former Texans wide receiver (and cookout attendee) David Anderson clarified on Sports Radio 610 in Houston Tuesday afternoon that the cookout was planned long before McNair shared his election thoughts with the team.

The full hour’s listen is worth your time if you’re a longtime Texans fan. Check it out and let us know what kind of feels it filled you with.