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2018 Houston Texans Preseason Schedule Announced

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The non-stop NFL news cycle gives us another little nugget to chew on until the 2018 NFL Draft begns.

The NFL has released its complete 2018 NFL Preseason schedule. To the casual fan, this may be an irrelevant news story. But to you and your uncle who calls you after each game to complain about Bill O’Brien’s play calling, this is the first sign of the season to come.

Preseason football changed last year with only one roster cut deadline instead of two. By having one cut, teams could have up to 90 players on the roster throughout the preseason.

Last year, the Texans went 1-2 in the preseason, with the annual final preseason game against the Dallas Cowboys canceled in the wake of Hurricane Harvey.

The full 2018 NFL preseason schedule can be found here. There are some great match-ups on the docket. The preseason starts with the annual Hall of Fame Game in Canton, Ohio. This year, the Chicago Bears and Baltimore Ravens face off on Thursday, Aug. 2nd on (NBC, 7 p.m. CDT). The NFL has also scheduled a Super Bowl rematch for the Philadelphia Eagles and the New England Patriots. Specific game dates and times have yet to be released, except for the nationally televised games.

Here is the schedule for the Houston Texans 2018 Preseason:

Week 1 (Aug. 9-13): Houston Texans vs. Kansas City Chiefs

Week 2 (Aug. 16-20): San Francisco 49ers vs. Houston Texans

Week 3 (Aug. 23-26): Houston Texans vs. Los Angeles Rams

Week 4 (Aug. 30-31): Dallas Cowboys vs. Houston Texans

As usual, the Texans will close the preseason with a game against the Cowboys. This year, however, the Texans will actually will face the Cowboys again, at NRG Stadium, during the regular season as the AFC South is matched up against the NFC East this season.

The Texans will also face a gauntlet of legit starting QBs in the preseason that includes Patrick Mahomes II, Jimmy Garoppolo, Jared Goff, and Dak Prescott. Testing out the secondary, which already has three new faces (Tyrann Mathieu, Aaron Colvin, and Johnson Bademosi), will be important for Houston’s defense to return to its dominating form. Both Garoppolo and Goff ripped up the Texans defense last year throwing for 334 and 355 yards, respectively.

What do you think of the preseason schedule? Can you smell the beginning of football season? Any plans to see the Texans host the 49ers or Cowboys at NRG Stadium before the regular season kicks off?