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2018 NFL Mock Draft: Mel Kiper’s Latest Three-Round Mock Draft

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The widow’s peak has spoken.

2007 NFL Draft Photo by Chris McGrath/Getty Images

This time of year is all mock drafts and squabbling over the future of athletic young men. But since the Texans don’t have a draft pick until the third round of the 2018 NFL Draft, It’s been dry and dusty. Luckily, innovation has taken place in the mock draftosphere. Do you know what’s cooler than one round mock drafts? Three round mock drafts. With this invention to satiate the click hungry and offer sips from the cool glacial waters of possibility, the Texans are back. They can be mock drafted again.

In this version, Mel Kiper weighs in and offers three players the Texans could go after with their three third round picks. Hear it from the widow’s peak itself:

Round 3 (68): Anthony Averett, CB, Alabama

Round 3 (80): Desmond Harrison, OT, West Georgia

Round 3 (98): P.J. Hall, DL, Sam Houston State

Both of the Texans’ top picks went to the Browns in last year’s Deshaun Watson trade, but Houston added a third-rounder in the deal that sent Duane Brown to the Seahawks. If the Texans can get one starter out of these three picks, it would be considered a success -- drafting is really tough, and there are so many prospects already off the board.

In this case, I went with projects with these picks. All three are aw talents. Averett is undersized but super-fast (he ran a 4.36 40 at the combine). Harrison was out of football for a few years but resurfaced at D-II West Georgia. He looks like a tight end without pads and has great feet, but can he be coached up? Hall had stellar stats at Sam Houston State but is a tweener in the NFL. Could he play defensive end in Houston’s 3-4?

I don’t have a clue who any of these people are. I have sunshine to burn in and offensive linemen to finish writing about. How about you? What do you think of Mel Kiper’s mock draft and the prospects he has slated for Houston?