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2018 NFL Schedule: Leaks, Rumors, More

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Keep up with the rumors and leaked news of the 2018 NFL regular season schedule before it actually becomes public knowledge tonight.

NFL: Houston Texans at Seattle Seahawks
You gotta think the NFL is gonna want a hefty helping of DW4 in prime time this year.
Troy Wayrynen-USA TODAY Sports

The NFL won’t officially release its complete regular season schedule until 7 p.m. CDT tonight, but historically we’ve seen bits and pieces of scheduling news leak long before the official announcement. For example, we heard a rumor last month that the NFL will kick off its 2018 regular season with a rematch between the Vikings and Eagles.

As such, just like last year, we can probably expect a handful of unconfirmed reports over the next several hours about who’ll be playing when this season. If we’re lucky, perhaps some of the leaks will even involve your Houston Texans.

In the meantime, share any reports you’re seeing from reputable sources in the Comments. We’ll try to update this post throughout the day, and we’ll publish a new post when the Texans’ 2018 schedule is announced this evening.

UPDATE: We know when and where the games that’ll be played outside the U.S. will happen.

UPDATE II: SB Nation NFL is tracking all the schedule leaks here as well. Nothing on the Texans yet, but there is mention of a Lions-Jets Monday Night Football tilt in Week One.

UPDATE III: Finally, our first bit of Texans schedule news, and it’s a biggie. The Texans will reportedly open the 2018 season on the road against the Patriots.

UPDATE IV: One of the Thanksgiving games will reportedly be Falcons-Saints.

UPDATE V: Some general parameters for how the sausage was made this year.

UPDATE VI: Who needs Paris in the spring when you can have Jersey in the winter?

UPDATE VII: Staying on the subject of NFL teams that hail from New Jersey, the Giants will reportedly play the Texans at NRG Stadium on Sunday, September 23rd at noon.

UPDATE VIII: The Texans will reportedly open the 2018 season with two road games—first against the Patriots and then in Nashville against the Titans in Week Two.

UPDATE IX: Thursday Night Football returns to NRG Stadium when the Dolphins come to town in late October.

UPDATE X: The Texans’ 2018 regular season schedule has been revealed in its entirety.