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2018 NFL Draft: Three Prospects Who Fit Houston’s Needs

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It’s about need, not selection, in this pseudo mock draft.

NFL Combine - Day 1 Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images

You’ve heard of mock drafts. You’ve read mock drafts. This is different. Phew. Steve Muench of Scouts Inc. wrote a different sort of mock draft for ESPN Insider earlier this week. It’s about need and fit. Here are the rules.

As the 2018 NFL draft nears, I’m identifying three prospects who make sense for each team to pick on Days 1, 2 and 3. This is not a mock draft. I’m not predicting where players will land. Rather, I’m identifying prospects who fill a need and/or fit what each team likes to do schematically, using the Scouts Inc. overall and position rankings to note where each is likely to be picked.

Cool. Got it? This is who he likes thinks would be the best need and fit for the Houston Texans next week when the 2018 NFL Draft pops off.

Day 2: Nevada C/G Austin Corbett

Day 2: West Georgia OT Desmond Harrison

Day 3: Central Michigan TE Tyler Conklin

The Texans don’t have a Day 1 pick so there are two names to keep in mind when they get to the third round where they have three picks. Corbett should be available at No. 68 but could slide to the third round, and the Texans would do well to land him considering they need to continue strengthening the interior offensive line. Corbett projects as a versatile reserve interior offensive lineman with the skill set and frame to develop into an effective starting guard or center early in his career.

Houston isn’t going to find a turnkey franchise left tackle on Day 2 of the draft but there’s a lot to like about Harrison’s upside and he has the raw natural ability to compete for the starting role.

Thoughts, I have none. What do you think of these three prospects fitting in with the Texans?