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Everyone Loves Romeo

They love him even more than Mike Vrabel. And Raymond.

NFL: Houston Texans-Training Camp Erik Williams-USA TODAY Sports

Before the 2017 season, Romeo Crennel stepped aside to allow then-Texans linebackers coach Mike Vrabel to take Crennel’s spot as the Texans’ defensive coordinator. Serious season-ending injuries to cornerstone players (J.J. Watt, Whitney Mercilus), a significant suspension for violation of a violation of the league’s PED policy (Brian Cushing), and growing pains meant that while Jadeveon Clowney cemented his place as one of the defense’s most important players, the Texans’ defense was unable to counteract the issues that continued to plague the offensive side of the ball.

Now Vrabel has left Houston for Nashville and Crennel is once again the man in charge of calling Houston’s defense. Fans and players alike are excited about Crennel’s return to the top of the defensive coaching staff.

Three players—Houstonians’ favorite human being J.J. Watt, quiet star Whitney Mercilus, and new defensive back Tyrann Mathieu—recently spoke with the Mothership about what makes RAC so popular among his players.

Watt mentioned Crennel’s “brilliant football mind” and how Crennel takes a personal interest in his players. Mercilus talked about how Crennel “holds everybody accountable” while generally remaining calm (perhaps a counterbalance to an openly feisty head coach). Mathieu is excited about the fact that Crennel has made it clear he’s going to play safety and only safety, indicating that in previous years, his multiple roles on the Cardinals didn’t allow him to hone his craft and excel.

Everyone loves Romeo.