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BRB Group Think: What 2018 Texans Game Excites You The Most?

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The BRB staff weighs in on 2018’s most anticipated Texans game(s).

NFL: Houston Texans at New England Patriots
Deshaun Watson gets some love from the GOAT
Greg M. Cooper-USA TODAY Sports

With yesterday’s release of the 2018 NFL Schedule, Texans fans are now free to look down the list and mark their calendars for the most hotly anticipated match-ups of the upcoming season. A season that is still so painfully, agonizingly, far away.

The BRB staff gathered to share the games they are most looking forward to, once we get through another long, hot summer.


I’m loving the opening Sunday road start against New England. I think it’s a great way for the Texans to be tested early; since the Patriots are often slow starters, it doesn’t quite seem as bleak of a trip to Foxborough as normal. (Deshaun Watson helps. A lot.)

Of course the fan base will be absolutely rabid for the Week 5 home game against the Dallas Cowboys on NBC’s Sunday Night Football. As Capt. Ron said in an e-mail, “I can already hear the sound of tear gas canisters hitting the deck at every parking lot surrounding NRG.”

I’m also personally looking forward to the Texans game in Philadelphia on December 23rd because I have people in Philly and might go to that game.


As always for me, opening day. Especially with all of the talk about BOB overhauling the playbook and how Watson was successful with certain uses last year, it’ll be good to see if our coaches are learning. Then, you look at the talent on the offensive line and how they’d best be used - not a power run scheme - and it’ll be another cue.

Brett Kollmann:

I’m really stoked for the Jaguars game in Week 17. Like everyone else, I expect the AFC South to come down to Houston and Jacksonville, and I wouldn’t be surprised at all if that final game acted as a de facto division championship. Both teams are young, hungry, and insanely talented, so it should be one hell of a game.

With any luck, we’ll get to see Deshaun Watson start the first of many playoff games in his career this season.

Matt Weston, Slanderer of Blade Runner and a Huge Fan of the Texas Rangers and San Antonio Spurs:

Going into New England sucks. Prime-time games are usually boring and end with me older, grayer, and more tired.

My favorite game is Week 7 (Houston v. Jacksonville, Part I). At that point, some injuries will have occurred, some records are more concrete, and we will kind of know who these teams are. Additionally, by that point the cobwebs will be knocked off and people will be done complaining about football being bad (a yearly ritual that comes in the first month at the season).

These will probably be the two best teams in the division, and this will be the only time we will get to see them at their best. A Week 17 AFC South Championship Game will never happen. I’ve given up all hope of a happy ending.

Kenneth L.:

Most of the games I wanted early in the season are happening later. I wanted to play the Jags early this year and have a bounce-back against them to jump start the season. I also would have liked to play the Eagles and Jets earlier in the season to avoid the cold weather, but with the quantity of teams that we play in the north, it was hard to avoid. The match-up against the Washington Redskins looks interesting, as Washington’s entire team and philosophy will change with a new QB at the helm. D.J. Swearinger was one of my favorite draft picks and I always think we gave up on him too early despite all the off-the-field incidents. The three-game home stretch against the Titans (on MNF), Browns, and Colts should be a crucial part of the season. I am happy with the TNF matchup against the Dolphins, who could be terrible next season. It may not make for good television, but playing a team on a short week is easier when the competition is not as good.

This is a favorable schedule for the Texans. There are some games that I look at and immediately put an “L” down (at Patriots, at Eagles), but having the easiest schedule in the NFL could bode well for this team.


From a purely hate-filled perspective and all the familial trash talk that will ensue from it, I’m definitely looking forward to the Texans-Cowfarts game.

I’m also interested in/uneasy about both of the Jags games because they’ll probably be the acid test for this new incarnation of the Texans.

Finally, there’s a part of me that wonders what the reaction will be to Colts head coach Frank Reich when they come to NRG Stadium in December.

What are your thoughts, BRB? Which game has you the most fired-up, the most concerned, and which games if any would you most like to attend?