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2018 NFL Mock Draft: The Film Room Mock Draft Special

And it’s a doozy.

NCAA Football: UCLA at Southern California Kelvin Kuo-USA TODAY Sports

The day is finally here, BRB! After over 200 hours of studying, writing, recording, and editing this monster-sized show during the last month, it’s at long last time to release the second annual Film Room Mock Draft Special. The Texans unfortunately will not get a cameo in this year’s edition because they were fortunate enough to grab their quarterback of the future last year instead of needing one this year, but this draft class still remains one of the most compelling groups of the last decade for people like me who love the draft.

From passers, to pass rushers, to pass protectors, the 2018 class is positively loaded across the board. Flat out, this should be one of the largest injections of talent into the league that we’ve seen in quite a while. You can of course see my take on every single pick in the first round in order (as usual) by watching the full show; if you would like to skip around to certain picks that interest you instead, I will also provide individual time codes in this post. Enjoy!

[1] Browns00:01:26

[2] Giants00:03:21

[3] Jets00:06:02

[4] Browns – 00:08:05

[5] Broncos00:10:00

[6] Colts00:12:17

[7] Buccaneers00:13:30

[8] Bears00:15:30

[9] 49ers00:16:40

[10] Raiders00:18:27

[11] Dolphins00:20:10

[12] Bills00:22:16

[13] Redskins00:25:46

[14] Packers00:26:45

[15] Cardinals00:27:51

[16] Ravens00:29:30

[17] Chargers00:33:19

[18] Seahawks00:34:39

[19] Cowboys00:36:24

[20] Lions00:39:04

[21] Bengals00:41:13

[22] Bills – 00:43:04

[23] Patriots00:45:40

[24] Panthers00:47:47

[25] Titans00:48:59

[26] Falcons00:50:36

[27] Saints00:52:27

[28] Steelers00:53:49

[29] Jaguars00:56:27

[30] Vikings00:58:58

[31] Patriots – 01:01:40

[32] Eagles01:04:19