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Bleach Social: How Are You Watching The 2018 NFL Draft?

How are you spending your draft weekend?

NFL: Combine Trevor Ruszkowski-USA TODAY Sports

Sadly, dear and loyal reader, I will not be around these parts during the 2018 NFL Draft. I am very dumb and got Grand Canyon permits a few months back without realizing this was the same weekend as the NFL Draft. I will be eating pork rinds and drinking (coffee) while driving and walking around the desert during the draft. My posts will live on as ghosts while I’m hanging with the cacti, the sun, the rocks, and that big ol’ river.

What about you? What are you doing? Are you sitting in front of multiple monitors, at a control center with your eyes flickering across every screen, scouting the rumors, scrolling through Twitter, rolling through BRB (thanks to the Z key), and going back and watching players you have never heard of? Are you kicking it with the boyz or galz, smashing cans, drinking pop, plopping vegetables into cheese nonstop? Will you be going to the actual event itself since it is only a short drive to Dallas Arlington? Or will this be an event you will ignore completely since the Texans aren’t picking until the third round as it stands right now?

Whatever your plans, let us know in the Comments. If you’re still trying to figure out what you’re going to do, or if you’ll be a stranger in a strange land looking for somewhere to catch the game, pose any queries here; someone might have a suggestion for you. Similarly, if you’ve got a worthy spot staked out somewhere and want to clue fellow Texans fans in to it, please divulge that information in the Comments as well.