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2018 NFL Draft: Should The Texans Trade Up?

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This is the big question the Texans have to make this weekend.

NFL Draft
He was worth the cost to move up.
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In this year’s draft, the Texans don’t have a first round pick. They don’t have a second round pick either. What they do have are three third round picks (#68, #80, #98), a fourth round pick (#103), three sixth round picks (#177, #211, #214), and a seventh round pick (#222).

With the draft capital Houston has available and the holes at offensive tackle, tight end, and a need to improve the cornerback position, do you think the Texans should trade up in the 2018 NFL Draft? If so, who are some targets you’d like to see them go after?

Matt Weston:

In general, I’m anti-big trade up. Teams have to give up an enormous amount to move up. The draft is a big, spinning wheel. General managers overestimate their ability to scout. Despite not having a first or second round pick, I kind of like the spot Houston is in with three third round picks and Rick Smith not around.

That being said, the team has to come out of this draft with a possible starting tackle. There’s no way they can go into training camp with Seantrel Henderson, Julie’n Davenport, and Jeff Allen as the prospective tackles. That would be doom, pestilence, and disaster. If the Texans were to make a trade, I would only be for it they gave away the 2019 second round pick they acquired in the Duane Brown trade to get into the second round this year to select a tackle. From there, they’d still have three third round picks to fill out the rest of the roster.


Rick Smith, who I was told repeatedly is the best GM in the history of the NFL, would draft the best guys ever in the history of the NFL with every pick, so there’s no way in hell I trade off picks.

/realizes Rick Smith is no longer the GM

//wonders if it’s safe to re-state that Rick Smith was actually a pretty terrible GM again

///understands that, de facto, Brian Gaine is now the best GM in the history of the NFL


If the Texans like a guy enough to trade up? Yes. If not? No.

I think, however, they should be inclined to move up. Trade a third or two and a sixth a move up because why not? If you don’t think the guy you want is going to be there when you pick next, you ain’t over-drafting.

Rivers McCown:

I don’t think the Texans can leave the first three rounds without a real stab at both tackle and tight end. I’d love to see Jamarco Jones or Tyrell Cosby. I’d be satisfied-ish with Brian O’Neill.

If that means a trade up, so be it.

Diehard Chris:

Obviously there are more positions in play here other than the offensive line, but for my money, post-free agency, both offensive tackle positions are the most glaring area of need, with the possible exception of tight end WHICH DAMMIT, WAS ALREADY A NEED BEFORE CJF RETIRED BECAUSE THE GROUP IS/WAS POOR!!!

Anyways, the offensive line was so bad in 2017, it really requires a two-year timetable to fix it. With free agent money to spend, plus a full compliment of draft picks and a little luck on their side, it could have been possible to get that group turned around faster - but without those early picks I just don’t see it happening. It feels like if the Texans can go from worst/near-worst group in the league to somewhere in the early twenties this season, that might be the ceiling.

If there’s a guy the staff and front office thinks is a lock to be a Week One starter at left or right tackle - sure, trade up and grab him. If not, I think they still need to throw bodies at the tackle position. Literally anyone currently on the roster as a starter at either tackle position is a huge roll of the dice, so if you can get one guy in there who has much higher upside and the team thinks he can be coached-up enough to cover the inexperience —fine.

You can certainly get rookie offensive line starters in the third round, but we just don’t know what Brian Gaine is as a GM yet. To expect he could get multiple starters out of those three third-round picks is asking too much. So yes, if the right guy is there - I’m all for trading up.

Jeremy Brener:

The Texans don’t have pick in the first, second, or the fifth rounds this year. They do have an extra second round pick next year from the Duane Brown trade, so they could use that to trade up into the second round this year. I think, however, they should look into trading back into the fifth round by trading up a couple of sixths and a seventh to give themselves a head start on the UDFA hunt after the seventh round concludes.

The fifth round has potential. Telvin Smith was a fifth-round pick and just made a Pro Bowl this season, so there’s a chance the Texans could get a guy with value in that round.

Luke Beggs:

I don’t think the Texans should trade up into the first round. I think the cost to get up that high would be a future first rounder, and I’m against moving those kind of assets unless I’m going after a QB. The Texans have their QB, so I see no impetus for this.

In my mind, the logic behind trading up would be either the team thinks they are close to being really good (no idea of knowing that, but probably not) or they have lots of assets to trade with (they don’t).

I’m all for dealing up using the picks we have this year, but on the whole, I don’t think we should really be looking to trade up.


I think there’s a decent (25%-50%) chance the Texans move into the second round on Friday night. I think there’s a less than 1% chance they move into the first round tomorrow night.

In terms of who they’d target, I have no idea. Maybe a DB or a tackle (Jamarco Jones? Orlando Brown?) that fell? Based purely on his pre-draft comments, I am confident that Brian Gaine won’t trade up on a whim. If it happens, I reckon there’s someone there he wants who has slipped.

Your thoughts?