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2018 NFL Draft: With The 103rd Pick, Our Houston Texans Select Keke Coutee

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Keke Coutee is the newest Houston Texan. Learn about him here.

Photo by Tim Warner/Getty Images

The Texans added some more depth on the offensive side of the ball by taking Keke Coutee (pronounced cue-tee) from Texas Tech with the third pick of the fourth round.

While the Texans doubtless want to create a big shield o’ meat to protect Deshaun Watson, they clearly did not want to neglect the arsenal they want to build around him as well.

Here’s a brief overview of the new wide receiver courtesy of Lance Zierlein:


Lanky speed merchant with an ability to take the top off of a defense as well as handle the nickel and dime action underneath. Coutee’s lack of route experience and play strength could lead to a bumpy initial season, but his ability to separate both vertically and out of his breaks should make him a coveted slot target capable of adding chunk plays to an offense or return game in need of some juice.

You can read the rest of his scouting report on Coutee here on

One thing is for sure with this pick: Braxton Miller is officially on notice that his time with the only football team that matters is running out.

What do you think of the pick, BRB? Like it? Hate it? Confused? Indifferent? Let it be known here.